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Teacher Training

Based on Neurolinguistic Programming, these seminars are aimed at enhancing all sorts of interactions in the educational environment. They can be delivered year-round, either in English or in Spanish at the audience’s convenience.

Teaching and Communication Strategies Towards
Effective Learning

The seminar has been designed to help teachers include new behavioral strategies into their lessons in order to make them more appealing to students, as well as a rewarding experience for both.

  • What teachers need to know about their students to keep them interested throughout the year.
  • What to do with reluctant, hyperkinetic and apathetic students.
  • Increasing self-awareness to better understand others.
  • Teaching and leading.
  • Timing and pacing.
  • How students learn best.
  • Flexibility and authority in the classroom.
  • Customized development of specific abilities.


Interpersonal Skills

Aimed at effective communication and excellence, this seminar is specially designed for those people who need to or would like to improve their interpersonal relations in the working environment.

Customized development of specific abilities.

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